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How to navigate the 'Wild West' of responsible investing.

18th November 2020

I remember when investing responsibility was thought of as ‘nice-to-have’ – usually when markets were on the rise. A decade ago, investors thought there was a trade-off between doing the right thing and making decent returns. F ...
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We’re starting a revolution!

1st November 2019

Some might argue that this is a rather dramatic headline for a blog post. Maybe, but the sentiment is right as there is clearly an urgent need for change. And that change is the critical need for the investment industry to b ...
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Carpe Diem does not mean 'fish of the day'

1st October 2019

In 2009 I went to work one morning and resigned. I was dreading it. I had to tell my boss, someone who I liked and respected that I was moving on. My boss was Tara, my co-founder of Oyster. When I eventually left, I said to her ...
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What's in a name?

27th September 2019

When trying to name a fledgling business, Shakespeare makes a valid point.  What is in a name? Should you be functional and tell your clients what you do straight off the bat, be aspirational or just name the business after your ...
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